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Concierge Service Start-Up Proves Magical at Kalibrr Client Appreciation Night


December 05 • 10 min read

Magic, Inc., a company specializing in 24/7 on-demand personal assistant services, earns top employer awards at Kalibrr event held to recognize HR and recruitment

On November 27th at Kickstart Ventures in 55 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Kalibrr Technology Ventures once again brought together key executives and HR and recruitment professionals from various industries for Kalibrr Client Appreciation Night 2019.

Held for the second year in a row, the event serves as a way for the end-to-end recruitment solutions provider to both thank its partners for the opportunity to work together for the past year and to recognize their efforts in the HR and recruitment industry.

For this year, the clear winner was concierge service start-up, Magic, Inc. The San Francisco-based company, which specializes in 24/7 personal assistant services that can be booked via text or the Magic app, has been a long-time partner of Kalibrr in the Philippines and has grown its local team by way of the platform. At last month’s 2019 Client Appreciation Night, the company was recognized for three major reasons.

Most Admired Employer of the Year

Recognition reserved for companies that have built a good employer brand and consistently sustain a high volume of applications, the Most Admired Employer of the Year award for 2019 was earned by Magic as it indeed had the highest application rate on the platform for the year.

According to Meghan Ravago, Recruitment Associate for the company, this has a lot to do with how committed they are to never make candidates wait extended periods when it comes to their applications.

“We reply to them as soon as possible, because candidates never really like waiting (too long). So they get almost instant replies from us, and I guess that helps in getting others to also apply because they find out if they’re hired quicker than usual.”

For Magic, Inc. Recruitment Specialist Viel Cordova on the other hand, the company’s popularity as a top employer to apply to may also be thanks to a business model that isn’t the most conventional (yet) in the Philippines.

“I think it’s also the jobs we are offering. It’s interesting to applicants, especially millennials, as well as those who like to work as freelancers. It’s new and fresh, and it’s unconventional, but at the same time can be fun and interesting.”

2019 Kalibrr Most Admired Employer of the Year - Magic, Inc.


Top Performing Recruiter

In addition to being recognized as 2019’s Most Admired Employer, Magic also earned the distinction of having the year’s Top Performing Recruiter. Recognizing those who go the extra mile to share their company’s job opportunities by sourcing, processing, responding to, and hiring talent, the award is based on recruiter activity tracking on Kalibrr, and–for the second straight year– was won by Natasha Michaela Visceral.

According to “Tasha”, she never expected to earn the recognition twice, but says it is a testament to her efforts as the Hiring Manager of Magic, inc.

“It’s still very surprising. Really, I don’t really think about the awards. I just try to be the best recruiter I can be, and help make sure that both Magic get the best people possible and also that those who apply have a good experience and because of that become eager to join our team.” 

2019 Kalibrr Top Performing Recruiter - Tasha Visceral / Magic, Inc.


Leading Employer of the Year

Awarded to the company who exemplified the highest level of performance across all talent sourcing and recruitment areas, 2019’s Leading Employer of the Year was none other than Magic, Inc., whose recognition as both finalists and winners of other awards being indicative of how well the company has done in HR and recruitment in the past year.

After the company received the award, Magic, Inc. Engineering Recruiter Gian Gasque lamented how the honor is both a testament to their work and a foundation to build on for the organization.

“It’s good that we were able to build a good reputation as a recruiter, and be actually recognized for it, because we’re also looking to hire outside of the country, so it helps let them know that the company is a serious place to build a career.”

Cordova echoed this sentiment, implying that as the company grows from its startup roots, it will be helpful to have people who notice how much Magic has so far achieved and will feel secure in being part of its discovery of new horizons.

“I think it also gives a sense of security to candidates to know that we have legit operations and that we have these awards that prove that we are a stable and sufficient company to work with. Especially since we’re a start-up. So we definitely appreciate how Kalibrr has not only helped us reach more candidates but also recognized how much we value the hires that we get.”

With the most awards at this year’s Kalibrr Client Appreciation Night, Magic, Inc. indeed proved magical in the HR and recruitment front in 2019, as did several of Kalibrr’s valued partners, as all continue to help ensure relevant career opportunities reach hardworking Filipino talent.

The 2019 Kalibrr Client Appreciation Night was held in partnership with the following sponsors: Heineken, Sugar House, Posh Pocket Shoes, Craft Leather MNL, AWC Philippines, Maria Health, and Remedy Skintech, Inc.

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