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What It’s Like To Work at Smarter Good


February 27 • 5 min read

Smarter Good helps global social enterprises and nonprofit organizations focus on creating impact by providing strategic fundraising, finance, and organizational support services. Leaders of these organizations are dynamic individuals who come up with solutions for global problems, like poverty, corruption, and inequality, but most of the time they find themselves spending hours on fundraising strategy – figuring out how to pay the bills or where to get their staff members’ salary. This leaves them little time to focus on actually implementing their programs and reaching the beneficiaries they want to serve. Smarter Good does the behind-the-scenes work and comes up with multi-year strategies so organization leaders can spend more time on their missions.

Smarter Good’s Vision

A social sector that: scales solutions to the size of the need, creates more impact, and solves our world’s most intractable problems, once and for all. We believe that when smart professionals around the world partner together we can achieve this vision.

Smarter Good’s Core Values

We believe in RESULTS and in PEOPLE We think big but build simple. Our empathy drives our excellence. We match professional intensity with personal support and humor! We are a collaborative global team where no problem is somebody else’s. We communicate honestly and openly.

Smarter Good’s Team

We are a team of corporate philanthropists, journalists, researchers, and accountants. Some of us have extensive knowledge of the global social sector, being former Executive Directors and nonprofit consultants; some of us are new to this field but are very excited to learn. We all love coffee.

Smarter Good’s Ideal Employee

We like creative and flexible problem solvers, open-minded and outspoken communicators, and smart and confident strategists. We value people who take initiative, think and work fast, have an eye for detail and welcome collaboration.

Smarter Good’s Corporate Culture

We have a fast-paced work environment, but we know when to slow down to think a strategy through. We don’t let problems take root and grow; we flag an issue immediately – anything, no matter how small, that doesn’t feel right – and sit down and solve it as a team. We encourage constant feedback. We are very open and we value everyone’s opinion. Those who enjoy thinking strategically and working side by side with some of the world’s most innovative nonprofit leaders will thrive at Smarter Good. As a start-up company, everyone wears an “enterprise hat” – from the Research Associate to the CEO.
We work in open spaces where team members can interact freely. Instead of logging hours sitting on office chairs, our work schedules are designed to deliver results as a team.

The pace of work is fast and being creative and strategic is routine. We are thoughtful with how we communicate – from how we email our clients to giving performance reviews.

Structure is important; bureaucracy is not. We value performance over seniority and attitude over expertise.

Think you’re a fit for Smarter Good? Check out some of their job openings here.



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