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Kalibrr partners with Facebook to reach more qualified candidates


November 19 • 3 min read

MANILA, November 2018 –  Kalibrr Technology Ventures, the only end-to-end recruitment solutions provider in the Philippines, has recently partnered with Facebook to integrate the job listings on its site to the Jobs on Facebook platform.

A first in the Southeast Asia region, the Jobs on Facebook integration will enable employers to easily create job posts and manage applications, and organizations with extensive hiring needs can reach a greater number of qualified candidates while staying connected to the Kalibrr tools that they already use.


The integration’s aim is to expand employers’ reach, given that most of Kalibrr’s frequent users are those who are actively applying for work, while Facebook, as the major social media network that it is, is frequented for more than employment, be it entertainment or community.  While the qualified talent may not be presently looking for work, their coming across the right opportunity as they casually browse social media can be the reason for them to consider a change in employment.

Jobs on Facebook is aimed at making it easier for businesses to reach and hire the right applicants. Job posts may appear in multiple places on Facebook, including official business Pages, in the jobs bookmark, in the Marketplace, and even the News Feed, and businesses can boost these job posts to reach more relevant candidates.



Kalibrr is a technology company that aims to transform how candidates find jobs and how companies hire talent. Placing the candidate experience at the center of everything it does, the company continues to attract the best talents from all over, with 1.6 million jobseekers and counting. Kalibrr ultimately connects these talents to companies in search of their next generation of leaders.

The only end-to-end recruitment solutions provider in Southeast Asia, Kalibrr is headquartered in Makati, Philippines, with offices in San Francisco, California and Jakarta, Indonesia. Established in 2012, it has served over 18,000 clients, and is backed by some of the world’s most powerful start-up incubators and venture capitalists. These include Y Combinator, Omidyar Network, Patamar Capital, Wavemaker Partners, and Kickstart Ventures.

For more information, visit Kalibrr on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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