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5 Crucial Signs That Say You Should Quit Your Job


January 22 • 7 min read

We’ve all had a horrible day at work, a terrible week, or probably even one of them hell months. We’ve all felt like we don’t belong, experienced the grunt of an unreasonable boss, and the wrath of demanding clients. And that’s okay. We won’t always get our dream job and sometimes hanging on for dear life is necessary to climb the career ladder. But there are some jobs that might not be worth the effort. Sometimes throwing in the towel and saying the magical phrase, “I quit,” just might be the best move. So how do you know if you’re just having another rough day at work or if it’s time to move on? Here a few red flags to watch out for and actions to take in case you’re not quite ready to let it all go.

1. You’re bored or uninspired.

If you’re starting to fall asleep on the job –lack of sleep and insomnia aside– something could be terribly wrong. If you’re bored that probably means that you’re not learning anything new. You’re not challenged. Also, being uninspired for long periods of time could become detrimental to not just your job, but also your future career. It could kill your passion for the job and the industry you work for. Not ready to quit? Try talking to your superiors about getting more challenging tasks and learning opportunities. If that doesn’t pan out, start looking at other options.

2. You don’t want to be your boss.

Going up the career ladder means that one day, you will become your boss. If at this point you don’t see yourself wanting to become him, if you can’t imagine yourself doing his job, you might want to start thinking twice about the job and the industry that you’re in. Not being able to see yourself in his shoes could mean that you’re heading towards career limbo. Not sure about it? Talk to your boss about other possible career paths that you could aim for. If it doesn’t work, call it quits.

3. It’s a manic Monday, everyday.

Sure, we’ve all had a case of the Mondays. But if you’re dragging your feet to work everyday, if everyday feels like a Monday, then this job just might not be for you. Loving your job means being excited to hit the ground running, no matter how challenging your tasks may be. Having a manic week? Try going on a really long vacation first with absolutely no work-related activities. If that doesn’t recharge you, it’s time to move.

4. You feel irrelevant.

It’s human nature to want to feel important. All of us, deep down, crave to accomplish something – anything. If you’ve worked so hard and yet you feel like you haven’t done anything, then you’re in a rut. Try talking to your boss about possible projects that you could start, or projects that you could help with. If you still feel irrelevant after that, turn in that resignation letter.

5. You’re stressed and eating. Or not eating.

We’ve all ordered merienda to get through a tough day. But if you’re stuffing yourself silly or doing the exact opposite, and if work-related stress is starting to affect your health, then it could be a sign that this job isn’t a good fit. Excessive levels of stress can lead to sleep disorders, upset stomach, headaches and elevated blood pressureIt can accelerate heart disease, and also cause emotional exhaustion and depression.

Talk to your boss about how the stress is getting to you. Tell him about your health. Ask for a few days off and use the time to reconnect with yourself and your passions. Get healthy. Get better. Else, leave this worrisome job behind.

Courage, child. Courage.

Remember, work isn’t just there to pay the bills. It should be fun, challenging, and it should fill you with inspiration. If all of these red flags are present then have the courage to walk out of there. Work shouldn’t make you forget just how fabulous you are. Sometimes, quitting is okay.

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