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Niken Pratiwi: Gaining Knowledge Beyond Your Expertise


October 24 • 3 min read

“We don’t look at who you are, but what you are saying. Everyone is striving to learn, and we grow together.”

Working with over 75% of the Global Fortune 500, Accenture provides technology-based consultancy and services, tailored to clients’ specific needs. It’s agreed by many employees at Accenture that working within the firm is often a once-in-a-lifetime learning and growth experience. Kalibrr had the chance to connect with 5 inspiring team members of Accenture Indonesia to get an inside look into working at the top. Meet Niken Pratiwi, Associate Manager, dedicated to finding personalized solutions for each of her clients.

As someone working in the field of human resources, she believes that her solutions create big impacts on large groups of people.  Take the payroll system for instance, things have become more organized. “Time shift was done manually, but now, everyone makes use of our system – it’s still being used.” She finds that the problem is finding a best fit solution for the company at hand, and how sometimes the best practice might not work in a certain case. “We need to make sure it actually works.” She admits that when working with large multinational companies, they are met with resistance. However, an organized and comprehensive plan, with patience and understanding can allow for a smooth transition.


As an expert in her field, she has a broad understanding of the nature of the job – a “helicopter view” of the playing field, she called it. However, Niken believes that to allow for her growth in the company, she must gain knowledge beyond her field. She believes that this is one feature unique to Accenture, full heartedly supporting their employees by offering them new experiences. Reiterating the idea of bringing out the best in oneself, Niken reminds us that at Accenture “you don’t need to tame your hunger to learn – everyone here wants us to strive for greatness.”


To learn more about Accenture Indonesia’s inspiring team, one of a kind culture and exciting career opportunities, explore here.

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