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Prescy Arum: A Decade at Accenture Indonesia


October 24 • 4 min read

“Through managing tight deadlines and large teams, I learned how to manage my personal time as well – balancing my work, my family, my friends and me-time.”

Working with over 75% of the Global Fortune 500, Accenture provides technology-based consultancy and services, tailored to clients’ specific needs. It’s agreed by many employees at Accenture that working within the firm is often a once-in-a-lifetime learning and growth experience. Kalibrr had the chance to connect with 5 inspiring team members of Accenture Indonesia to get an inside look into working at the top. Meet Prescy P. Arum, a Technology Delivery Senior Manager at Accenture, an invaluable member of the company for 12 years.

Prescy defines Accenture as a fast-growing consulting company that constantly adapts to market changes. Just like any other employee, she is beyond proud to be a part of a company that holds the title as the best SAP implementer in Indonesia. It is a reputation that is challenging to maintain yet, Accenture has successfully managed to hold on to this prestigious status.  “In the near future, there will be a lot of improvements in SAP. That is why Accenture is hiring a number of talented people to be in charge of SAP – so that we can always keep up with the changing technology layout and infrastructure.


Furthermore, Prescy was kind enough to tell us her personal reasons for staying in the company for over a decade. “Its three simple things. The people, the environment they create is the main reason I have stayed for this long. We have career counsellors to keep us on track, teammates that give their best in each project and team leaders that are mentors. Next is flexibility, with both work hours and location. As a parent, I am able to watch my child grow up, and be there to experience all the important moments. Lastly, it is the variety of work.

My work is project based, I will always meet new clients, new team members and different teams. I have never feel bored with my work and the project I am working with.”Working at Accenture, managing people and resources for clients she says she actually learned how to manage her personal life. “This means balancing my work, my family, my friends and me-time”. We wish Prescy continued success in her career and we draw a page of inspiration from her story.



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