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5 soft skills that can get you hired


October 19 • 6 min read

Are you confident in your abilities as a professional? How do your hard skills compare to your soft skills?

A successful job application can be influenced by a number of factors– from an organized resume to a well-written cover letter, you can dazzle a hiring manager easily. The most important thing, however, is the content. Sure, you can have the basics of design or even be a genius in programming but hiring managers also look into your attitude and work ethics– your soft skills.

Even with the recent turn of hiring and recruitment into the new normal, some soft skills have proven essential in remote work. According to Vervoe, “soft skills dictate the way you work with a team, the way you serve customers, or the way you communicate with vendors and co-workers.” With this, soft skills are also needed despite being in a work-from-home set-up. Here are some soft skills you can improve and develop in spite of being in quarantine.


Leadership is a critical skill to have if you’re applying for a position that expects you to handle a team for company projects. In the new normal, leadership skills can be applied to remote work by having the capability to delegate tasks, provide guidance, and ensure results. While leadership skills are important, it’s also imperative to have leadership over oneself. Having the discipline to be organized and compassionate can go a long way and help you in being hired.


With remote work being the standard in the new normal, communication can be as simple as having a stable internet connection. Being able to communicate and be understood through a screen can help you and your co-workers work more efficiently. Strong communication skills are considered a backbone of a successful business relationship with your clients and colleagues.


Now that you have leadership and communication skills on your list, you must use this to collaborate with others despite not being in a physical office environment. Having empathy and compassion can greatly influence your presence in the virtual workplace, enabling you to create meaningful relationships. As Unilever’s HR Chief, Leena Nair, has said in a podcast with the World Economic Forum, “The soft stuff is the hard stuff,” she said. “Authenticity and vulnerability? All the stuff that makes us truly human is what makes us better leaders.”

Time management

Since you’re not physically in an office, you have to develop self-discipline as well as time management. Being able to know when to work and organize your working hours on your own would help you perform better. Keeping a schedule or a planner can help you keep track of the tasks that you need to complete. Taking breaks is important too, so list that down as well

Flexibility and adaptability

Getting used to a career while living in the comfort of your own home can be a struggle. Having flexibility and adaptability can prove useful when looking for jobs in a remote work setup. Having hard and soft skills can help you stand out from other applicants in the job pool. Make sure to always keep your skills in check as well. Be flexible and adapt to the changing career landscape by maintaining your abilities. In the previously mentioned podcast by Leena Nair, she said, “The half-life of a skill is two or three years. You have to continually relearn, unlearn, reskill yourself.”

In the end, a well-prepared applicant should have their skills down to a T. They know the importance of having both hard and soft skills which will help them contribute effectively to any organization that they are a part of. Developing the foundation of leadership, communication, collaboration, time management, flexibility and adaptability into your work can help you become a great and valuable employee.

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